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Our team of specialist restorers and conservators have worked in the private art market & in museum settings for over 30 years combined carrying out remedial treatments and providing preventive conservation advice.  Our many years of experience and specialist training underpin our ability to understand objects and the diverse risks an artwork may face during its lifetime.

From understanding construction, material composition, current context and display requirements we can offer bespoke solutions to individual artworks in various settings and larger collections in storage and exhibition environments.  We adhere to guidelines recommended by institutions across the world to provide a consistent narrative within condition audits and collection care plans.   Our condition reports are created using Articheck, a digital collection management system. This enables us to easily create, update and share tailor made condition reports.   In a sector where modern demands can put artwork at risk, it is our objective to provide the most effective balance between the role of an object and its safety by mitigating risk around logistics and display in a multitude of settings.

We are associates of mountmaking and exhibition specialists Colin Bowles Ltd, Royal Warrant holders.  They are able to provide our clients with safe and dynamic display solutions.  We also collaborate with world renowned designers, logistics companies and expert technicians within the art sector.   Utilising the expertise of our partners allows us to provide our clients with a service that is second to none.

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